We have been helping your professional growth for over 50 years

Ancad was founded in 1954 by the willing initiative of a small but close-knit group of businessmen in the dental sector and today has more than 60 associates.

What we do?

Our mission

Ancad’s mission is to provide assistance and spread training opportunities thanks to our qualified experience to all figures in the dental industry, with the aim of growing and doing it together!


Our goals are clear

We provide you effective services aimed at increasing your PROFESSIONALISM and EFFICIENCY to achieve maximum PROFIT.

Our values are the driving force behind everything we do at Ancad

Our values


In our work we pursue quality trying to continually raise the standard. Responsibility


We are committed to marketing only products of proven efficacy and usefulness, keeping them in suitable environments not to compromise their specific qualities, also promoting a culture of responsible consumption and attentive to health problems and the environment in which we live.

Fair competition

It is our belief that competitiveness is a guarantee of evolution and improvement and that healthy and correct competition can coexist with mutual prosperity. We condemn "unclear" business practices or conduct.


We feel a responsibility to seek fairness in all our activities, including price formation, compliance with sales rights authorizations.

Customer importance

We respect the moral and cultural integrity of our customers and our interlocutors, trying to understand their sensitivity, problems and needs in every way.

Non-economic persons

We are interested in others as persons and not as economic and functional subjects (customers, suppliers, collaborators, etc.). We believe that we must honor our commitments and that in no case we must betray the trust that others have placed in us.

Who is behind it

People united by a common spirit

The Ancad Board of Directors for the three-year period 2023-2026

Marco Giannotti

President– Ancad
Stelladent S.r.l.


Dino Porrello

Vice President Member – Ancad Henry Schein S.p.A.


Giuseppe Territo

Board Member – Ancad
Territo S.r.l.


Massimo Busani

Board Member – Ancad                                                      Tecno-Gaz S.p.A.


Valentina Burzacchi

Board Member – Ancad Burzacchi S.p.A.


Luca Zaliani

Board Member – Ancad
Francodental S.r.l.


Nicola Bertolotto

Board Member – Ancad
Duerr Dental Italia S.p.A.


We are all one big family

We are an association of producers and distributors of Italian dentistry. The only one that integrates production and distribution companies.

Join the family and enjoy all the benefits